Good Bye to Summer

It's crazy to think we're here already... it's the last day of August. This summer has flown by. I'm chalking it up to the scarcity of hot days and well- the fact that I was pregnant and uncomfortable for half of it, and over tired for the other half. It's been a busy couple months- and with all I've had going on, I've completely neglected my garden. It's carried on without me needless to say, and it's become a little over grown. One might get lost in this little jungle...
Sad to think that in a couple months this will all be brown and falling asleep for the winter. The summers are short here in Minneapolis, but my my they sure are lovely.


  1. yes.. I feel it slipping away too.. even noticed a few trees taking on some changes already!

  2. We've had a very hot and humid summer here in Maryland. Then yesterday was like they flipped a swtich, yesterday and today have been very cool.
    I grew up in Minnesota, I do remember how green everything was, and how huge the veggies grew. I miss the rich brown earthy dirt that MN had, here we have a lot of clay, much harder to grow stuff

  3. I know, can you believe it...Sept. 1st today!?! Yikes!! Lowell starts kindergarten next week. We took our first trip of the season to the apple orchard yesterday. Lovin' this weather. Hope to see you sometime soonish!

  4. Your garden is lovely, even though you think it's over grown. We've had a beautiful summer here in Washington. Our temps. broke some records this year and I have loved everyday. I enjoy the fall colors and a bit of wind now and then, but I don't look forward to the long wet winters.