Summer is coming to a close...

I can't believe how time has flown by... It's nearly fall - another transitions. I love how a change in season marks the passing of time and inevitability of change. These days I have a little boy in a sling all tucked in and wrapped around me while I move though my days, and while it's a little more difficult to "get anything done" I'm learning and adapting to this new lovely life... New things are slowly but surely happening in the studio... more photos to come soon.
Welcome Fall-
(photo by my good friend - Cameron Wittig)


  1. Welcome to fall indeed! Can't wait to see what you are coming out with next!

  2. I love the changes in the seasons too. I love all of the changes.. I just dont like when winter stays... so.... long.....!
    I know youre enjoying that sweet baby! miss those days sometimes!

  3. I see the first signs of fall also. I enjoy sitting outside in the evening now. But soon we can have out little outdoor firepit to light up. There are delightful things that come only with each season.

  4. I'm so glad the sling is working out for you. When my first was born, I was all ready with my sling, but he just didn't like it, so I got a front carrier instead - I must say, these slings and carriers are the best thing, aren't they?!!