work work working (again)!

Yesterday Claude was off with his Papa for the whole (ohhh my!) day, and I had my first day back in the studio for more than a few hours. It felt great to get into the flow of working again, instead of the few stolen moments of unfocused work I've been getting- I have to admit, I'm really enjoying my days lately. I spend lots of time with Claude and learning how to get things "done" with a new little baby is a challenge I'm up for. He's good company (tehee) and when I get to work it's all that much sweeter. What is it people talk about-children bring a new depth to life??? I'd have to agree-

Well in all that good working mojo, I finished a couple of pieces which will be sent off to Earth Angels Toys later this week... I'll be sure to post when they do- so you can get on the horn with Jen Oconnor to procure one of these sweetpeas.


  1. So little Claude is enjoying some time with daddy.
    Glad to hear that you are getting settled back into a schedule with Claude and working. Gosh, the time does go by so fast. My grandson is 6 months old now. He is just adorable and we look forward to our time with him.
    The little red bear is darling. I look forward to more pieces coming.
    Take care and have fun creating.

  2. OH... a new little one.....how exciting:)

    Love your new offering!

    Have a joyous day,

  3. Jennifer -- cannot wait for that box to arrive -- in the meantime, thinking of you and Claude...xxoo

  4. yay!!! this is sweet... My fave color is RED!!! I love her...wonderful job!