today on the worktable...

I'm working on a new group of pieces for an update and I'll be setting the date soon. Lots of new bright summery bunnies, bears and animals... slowly but surely it's coming together.


  1. Jen: what kind of music do you listen to when you are working on things in the studio? I think I need some new inspiration.

  2. Hmmm-
    I've been really into This American Life, the Red House Painters, Panda Bear, Muddy Waters, Grizzly Bear, Jeff Buckley, hmmmm what else...ohhh and when I want to zone out: Keith Jarrett. That's a good group.
    What about you????

  3. I do love This American Life as well as Wire Tap. I find that I like to listen to more ambient type music when I am working. Although I have come across a few new bands as of late: The xx, The National, The Black Keys, Ribbons of Song. Probably my most favorite to listen to though is Tori Amos when I am working. And sometimes just the sound of a fan... it's the soothing sound of white noise.

    Thanks for sending that info along. I will definitely check them out!

  4. I just love your work so much. I can't get enough of just staring at it.