studio saga continues...

It was another long day working in the studio. I don't know how I would do it without Jay and my Papa... they worked all night and into the wee hours Wednesday night sanding down the concrete floors to get them ready to lay the linoleum tile. It was back breaking work, and while I would have been right there in the mix about 6 months ago there was no way I could do it today, so I'm incredibly grateful to have their help.

We all woke up on Thursday morning (the gents were a tad sore to say the least) but got right back to cleaning, laying out the floor for the studio, and working on the windows. Jay and I had planned on checkerboard or stripes for the studio, and after very little debate we decided the stripes were perfect for the space... it's a little modern twist with the tiles, a little op, and a little
Daniel Buren right here in our house. I'm loving the way it's coming together....


  1. It's looking great! Can't wait to see that space full of your levely little creatures ...

  2. ...er, that would be LOVELY!

  3. Wow, it looks great Jen. Good choice with the stripes too. It makes me think maybe my dingy little basement might have some hope after all!

  4. It's been fun watching your new studio being remodeled. I love the colors and the floor is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing it full of your supplies and creations.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  5. Love your new studio!
    Especially the colors!
    It has inspired me to get back to some renovations my husband and I need to do in our home.
    Thank you!

  6. wow-how fast you lads have worked-you really are nesting-before your baby come's home-

  7. I agree that the stripes add a modern twist - super fun. I love watching this studio come together - can't wait to see all your fun stuff get put away and the space complete.

  8. Like everything you touch, the new studio will be a slice of heaven.

  9. Looks great! Love the colors and the stripes. Super cute:) You're going to have so much fun moving all your goodies in!
    Have a great weekend. Maybe I'll see you next week??