it's coming along!

Papa Murphy has been so much help to Jay and I... Between the three of us, we've got most of the space painted, the windows are out and in the process of being rehabbed, and the teeny tiny bathroom has a new light (which I proudly rewired and hung myself thank you very much). Tonight or tomorrow we'll be starting to prep the floor for the linoleum tile... who doesn't love a nice checker board floor, or maybe stripes? Decisions Decisions.

Here's a view of the fine wide hallway looking into the studio:
Hello Morning light!
The Studio is nearly all painted. I'm so happy we decided to paint the ceiling cream... it's so bright and leaves the rafters wide open. I've never understood the attempt to hide a basement ceiling and in the process lowering the head space with a drop ceiling. It is what it is, and I love the functional/honest aesthetic.

Looking forward to building the shelving which will run the length of the 20ft long space in front of the walls painted darker green paint. I think it will be a lovely backdrop for all the fabrics, supplies and cute bits that will fill the shelves.
Ok, back to work!


  1. I love your new space Jennifer!!! In fact I really love your new ceiling. We have a faux drop ceiling in our basement and your photos make me want to go down and rip it out (metal frame and all). I wonder what my hubby would say to this....thanks for the wonderful idea. :)



  2. What a great space Jennifer!!! its great!!! you all did a great job!!!

  3. It's going to be so good! I love all the cute bits and fabric!

  4. Love seeing this space in progress and watching it come to life. Looking good!

  5. There's nothing like a fresh, new workspace, is there? I think you're going to love having a home studio, especially when your little one arrives!

  6. wowee.. i really love the way your new space is light filled, spacious, and not 'basement-y' at all! Our basement is the dreary unfinished kind ;) Pat your guys on the back for such a swift rehab! You deserve a nice space such at that, hardworking girl!!