hello from the studio... finally.

it's been weeks since I've been in the studio. Vita's been sick, we were traveling a bit, and Jay has been so busy I've been home with the kiddos more often than usual. I have to admit there have been a whole lot of needs around here lately, and mine have fallen to the bottom the list. Such is life. Happily I've stolen away for a few hours to tend to many over due items on the studio to do list and have a little time to myself. Last week I ordered some more fabric and supplies that had run low in the shop- and it's now up and available so... check out the NEW COLORS NOW IN THE SHOP. if you'd been wanting to get to that Pink Elephant... now you're in luck!

As for new handmade items... I'm hoping I may get to making a few things before Valentine's Day, but time is flying by. I'm hoping for a few... hope with me. Perhaps our collective wishing will make it come true.  <<<>>>

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