working on a few gifts and a couple surprises for the shop. This little kitty won't be there, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't make an appearance here. HELLO ALL.

I've been asked about the studio lately- sorry for the drop off in info- I'm in! it's still a mess, and I'm just figuring out how I want to work in this new space. I imagine I'll have it all set up after Christmas when I can take a breath again. For now, my shelves are full, tables are in place, but there are projects in various states all over the space. I'm making lots of gifts for my family and friends, working in the studio when I can, and spending lots of time with the family as is to be expected. This is the first year Claude really understands what it means that Christmas is coming, and he's got me so excited about all that the season brings. I've gathered recipes and I'm getting ready to bake, and host, and be Santa, and bask in the joy of togetherness- that's my goal anyway- basking in the joy (not stressing and in the season)!

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