One space is clean and slowly filling up with ordered supplies. The other space, the one I'm moving out of, is a terrifying all out mess. Piles of completely unordered items are scattered floor to ceiling. I'm trying to breath through it - not get too overwhelmed. Time is short, no use in dwelling on the project ahead. One momentary idea: a dumpster, a big one. On second thought, I'll just dive back in- too many diamonds left in all that rough.


  1. I hear your pain! After an illness of about 5 years almost every room in our house (4 bdrm) looks like your work room here. My health has improved so much so that I am now trying to tackle our home. My mantra has been, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

    Some days I just yell, "Who eats elephant?"

  2. That looks like my house right about now. :(

  3. You've got prettiest mess around! All of those colors! ;)