tummy time - studio time - nap time

Fall arrived today with gusting winds and that wet-leaf smell that marks the season. I guess its been here for a while, but I've been admittedly distracted. Vita's been keeping me very busy these days (and nights), and so has her brother. Claude is so very 3 right now. He's all of those things that three implies- funny, energetic, defiant, difficult, imaginative, and all together a handful, but we're all happily getting through this overly full time. I've been working a few hours here and there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make any Halloween pieces this year but I hope to make a few bears and animals in the coming weeks for the holidays. We'll see how each day plays out. The studio is coming along slowly- I can't wait to post more progress- and even more I can't wait to be working in that space...
For now, I'm still here, in the limbo that is life. Vita and I just got home after a long walk. We both returned with pink cheeks and heavy eyes. Now, it's time for a nap.


  1. Jen, I was so happy you stopped by to chat at Ghoultide! You and Vita were a vision and she was all smiles and just the cutest little one! What a wonder you have in your life that is made up of baby, toddler, special man and creativity! All is good and I am very happy for you!
    I still have a tiny Kangaroo that you stitched when you were a mere 11!
    (To put that in perspective . . . only 8 years older than Claude!)

    Lori Ann

  2. Enjoy your nap! Sounds like it's incredibly well-deserved. And you're right, every age has its positives and negatives!