dreamy bouquet on your doorstep...

As a child I would gather flowers from my mom each Mayday- she was so good at making little things feel so special- on silly holidays, big moments, and frankly every day. Now, Mayday brings the Mayday Parade- hands down my favorite parade of all time. It's a celebration of Spring and life and the biggest outpouring of creativity and community I can think of. I'm excited for this weekends events more than usual this year because I feel like I could use a little burst of energy. The studio has been slow for me, and this pregnancy seems to have zapped me of all my usual motivation to GET THINGS DONE! Perhaps I'm turning a new zen leaf... one where it doesn't matter so much what the product of any given task is- but the act itself- but that's not quite where I'm at either. So, here I am. I suppose I'll just have to ride this particular hormonal moment out and see where it leads. Here's to hoping it's towards an optimistic & energetic period. Until then, I'll slowly keep working and playing and making and today- WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY MAYDAY!

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