I posted a week or so ago about day dreaming of making a quilt for Claude, and its looks as though this will be the week! We're taking some time to visit my parents in Michigan and while there my mom and I have laid the plans to make a quilt together.

I'm so looking forward to this trip... it's been way too long since I spent any time at my childhood home in the summer. I have such fond memories of spanning long days out in the country and I can't wait to share that time this there year with Claude and to make something with my mama. What could be better?!

soooo, for now I thought I'd share the plans and later the results of our labors. Taking direct inspiration from one of the many beautiful Gees Bend Quilts I came up with a design using some of Holly Ward Bimba's fabric (ordered from SpoonFlower), some lovely Yawa dot's, vintage red, and chambray which I had in the studio... we'll see how it goes! The plan is set, the fabric is being sent and I can't wait to get to work on it...

Below is the original Gee's Bend quilt, swatches of the fabrics, and the design (roughed out in photoshop) we settled on.


  1. how pretty! I love your fabulous plan.

  2. Cute pattern!! I too love the Gee's Bend Quilts!!Rose

  3. It looks like it will be great.
    After Soulemama posted the Holly Ward Bimba fabric that she turned into a quilt I could not resist buying some as well. I said I wouldn't and then I did....you know how it goes. I got the bluebirds and seed pods and last night I cut and sewed the front and back of one of the Purl Bee Cheerful Quilted Playmat. Not that we need a play mat but I just like a good small quilt once in while. And, we use the other one made with Poster Fleur all the time.

  4. i just love these patterns.

    esp the nature inspire ones. :)