working late last night...

It can be hard getting back to work in the evenings after the push of dinner and Claude's bedtime... but on occasion when I have the energy and mental space to do it- I'm amazed how it propels the next day forward. The mood struck me last night, perhaps, propelled by the raging storm that blew through here- winds and thunderclaps are libel to get one moving. I sped through the process of cutting out, pinning, sewing and stuffing three new bears- all for the coming Spring Update. All the while listening to the winds and rain- not a bad way to work. And today, the sun is back out, my windows are open, and I'm back at it. Yes.


  1. Looks like the fur was flying!! Robert :)

  2. It's always hard for me to get back to work after bedtime, so it's comforting to hear you talk about the challenge! So glad it was productive :)