++++ Messy Ordered Living ++++

well, I might be overstating it to say "organized", but I wanted to share this little organizer I found at an estate sale. It's been in a file drawer holding all my embroidery floss for years and it pleases me each time I pull open the drawer. Everything in its place and a Place for everything- wouldn't that be nice, but I'm happy for the small moments when that's the case.

I'm hoping to spend this weekend working on a few projects around the house. After our move most things have found a home, but so many more are just hanging out in corners, piled in boxes, and stacked just out of the way but not out of sight. I wonder why I keep these things as I haven't needed them in the last 6 months, and frankly I'm not altogether sure what they are. So, I may be donating some things, tossing others out, all to make room for more ordered living. That sounds nice: Ordered Living. I suppose I'm really only interested in simplicity and certainly not at the expense of my sanity- I do live with a little one- so nothing is really all that controlled. Perhaps I'll rename it: Messy Ordered Living- that has a nice ring.

What will you be doing this weekend?

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  1. and who can resist a messy ordered kinda living? we all aim for it.