there's a moose in my living room...

living with a kid means nothing is ever where it should be and the house is so much more a home because of it (though the clutter of toys and "mess" makes me crazy sometimes). I've resolved to embrace the chaos of it all- and why not? so yeah, there is a moose on my couch this morning.

What have you resolved to do in this new year to make all lighter and easier?

p.s. Oh yeah, and don't think I think this photo is a mess- HA! A single moose- that's nothing. If I'd only trained the camera on the other side of the room you'd see the explosion that is my living room most of the time. But hey, editing is what makes this blog a peaceful easy place to visit... so I'll continue to edit for my own pleasure and sanity. 


  1. race cars in my fridge and small legos under my pillow. these are the days.

  2. Sorry I got confused between the cute moose toy and the beautiful fabric on the couch. I love that color combination! Beautiful home, what clutter??? LOL Remember I have three!!! Robert :)

  3. sometimes the mess sits for days! I'm a grandma and just love the memories of their play:-)

  4. I love that couch and pillow print too! and I agree what clutter?
    These moments are treasures. My youngest is 13 out of 5 children and I remember their sweet little voices and the way they loved to scatter toys.
    Enjoy these moments because it goes by so fast : )
    For this new year I have found a wonderful way to celebrate...By doing "Non-goals", in other words, looking over the past year and seeing what we have accomplished and building upon that with positive phrases. I like that!

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  6. it is seldom we find adults taking pleasure in the common things in life. we take life too seriously when we start recognizing our independence or responsibilities. caught up with matters of consequence, the little prince would say. so when my daughter hits the living room like a twister, sometimes I join in and make chaos myself.