after a long weekend...

I'm back to work. The valentines update- which I'll announce the date and details about next week- is slowly taking shape. Here's what I'm looking at this afternoon... lots of bits and pieces in the works:

This new year has brought with it a number of changes around here- and I'm finding it difficult to find time in the studio. I wonder about this time in a women's life, when our children are small and days come fast and steady with all their demands. How does one fit it all in? Unfortunately (or perhaps I should be thanking my lucky starts to have the flexibility ) I don't seem to get to work easily or for very long during the week. ahhh- I'm just babbling. Life is what it is and I'm happy to be able to let it wash over us- in our little house- let it bring what it will- we'll make the best of all of it.
Now, back to my worktable, while I do have the time!


  1. aww..it is the difficult years. I love my kids who are now in high school but still it is frustrating to work creative like with interruptions to a day. I really try to not work when they are at school. It's hard because there is always something that needs done around the house. Hopefully, Claude still naps, and that should be your time. It's a constant balancing act...and it's ok to feel frustrated.
    No matter how we love our kids, we need to be people too.
    Have a super week! Smiles, Andra

  2. I wish I lived closer, sweet girl! I would hop over to give you a hand. In all of the hub-bub please remember to take care of you. I used to get up before the kids, sit with a nice cup of tea and read my daily devotions. For some reason it always felt like it was just my time, and it started my busy day out very well.
    You're in my thoughts, and I'm a sending prayers that a quiet time will come so that you can find your way to that wonderful work bench!
    luvU, Lori Merrill

  3. You really said it well, dealing with motherhood and business/art/work. I've been doing it for 10 years now. I left my other career ten years ago to work full time at home on my craft/design business. I love it so much but realize I could have been so much more productive/successful if I could focus full time on the biz. But then I wouldn't have my beautiful boy, who's 15 now and not always "beautiful!". It's fortunate that you already have a lot of success and a fabulous following. Your work is INCREDIBLE, and you will figure out how to make it all work. Keep it up! We're with you!

  4. thank you all for your kind words of support- this is obviously a subject so many can relate to.
    it's nice to hear that while I'm living through it at the moment, like everything else in life it's going to change. for better and/or for worse... nothing is forever. there is something both comforting and sad to know that this time is fleeting- with all it's difficulties- I know I'll miss this all once it's gone. ahhh life.

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