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Big things are on the horizon here- in the studio and in my life... Jay and I have been in the process of looking for a new home for the last year and we may have just found our spot. This is all very exciting, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Until the keys are actually in my hands it's hard to believe it's true- and there are more hoops to just through before that day comes. Until then I'm working working working in the studio. I may have a big studio sale- either on etsy or ebay or locally??? I'm not sure, but I've been wanting to pare down my supplies for some time now and this might just be the thing that gets me to do it!

So, what am I working on now? Well a few too many things really: a new website, drafting patterns, and planning for the fall update. That's a lot of thinking and not all that much making so, I've been carving out a few hours here and there to make some one of a kind pieces. Sometimes I just need to refresh the studio, my brain and get my hands to work. I'll be posting the outcome from these making evenings here on the blog over the next week- Each piece will be available to the first person who emails me... which I know is a bit of a free for all but that's the way it will have to be I guess. Trying to keep everything simple in this hectic moment and this heat (is going to be another hot one today)! Check back later today for the first of the group...


  1. Princess Lisa of NYJuly 1, 2011 at 10:13 AM

    This is definitely a year of change for you--how exciting! I'm sure wherever you set up your new home, you'll create a home filled with love and beauty!

  2. yay! where are you moving? and i vote local sale of course :)