busy day...

I'm just catching my breath now. This morning has been a whirlwind: up early, packing boxes, running off to the inspection of our NEW HOUSE!, meeting with our realtor, running across town to meet with my web designer to see first drafts of the NEW WEBSITE!, and now back home to clean up, do laundry, and figure out what needs to be done in the studio before I pick up Claude in.... ummm.... like 30 minutes. All this with a cold. Who gets a summer cold?! I guess I do, when I'm doing this much running around. At least I'm not suffering along- Claude and Jay have the same thing- maybe we should blame the new daycare. It's all those other kids that go me sick. hahaha.

Anyway, before I run back out of the studio I wanted to share the image I've been working on for the new website. It's just one of many, but I'm really enjoying digging through all of my old files- finding old faces. Ohhh hello you- you - you... and you... and :

check back in tomorrow for another One-Of-A-Kind. This time a Rabbit! I'm on a roll.


  1. Be still my beating heart---I think I am in love, but which one?? I think all of them!!!

  2. Oh the little beauties!
    I know this feeling when running around and starting to juggle everything that needs to be done.. Wish you some rest!

  3. I just love love your work. It's amazing how you can get those face expressions.
    They're absolutely beautiful.

  4. I see 2 of my little darlings, Gather and Lucky. I adore them along with the rest of my collection very much.