this morning...

if you're a parent of a young child- or just a human being with an overly busy and therefore very planned life- I'm sure you can appreciate the perfection of a day which flows without effort or thoughtful planning. This morning was just that. Emily, my dullDimaond partner and I more or less ran into each other while out and the next few hours fell into place perfectly: groceries, coffee, snacks outside, plant shopping. Then Claude fell asleep on the car ride home and snuggled in for his nap without so much as a peep.
Now that's a nice morning right there.

Wishing you all a very happy and easily joyful first day (and everyday) of summer.
(to see some fine photos of this very outing- check out the dD blog)

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  1. LOVE those kind of days. Looks like fun!
    Happy Summer:)