searching and finding old friends...

I was digging around in my archive of images today gathering for an update and re-vamp of my website... here are a few beauties I thought you might like:


  1. Jennifer. There is genius in your work, dear. It's astounding.

  2. Oh, Jennifer, they're all so adorable. Each one has such a wonderful sweetness about them. I feel so fortunate to own several of your bears and little pincushions.

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    My dog pincushion is similar to the one above. My dog has a seem down his chest, and the one above does not. Does mine represent the same pattern that you refined for production?

    Also, how does your sewing machine needle get into these tight little curves/corners and make turns - like the paws? Do you have special feet for your sewing machine? Do you have to rip out seems often, or have you gotten these patterns down to a science?

    I really enjoy seeing more of your production process for your creations - it's a very special process - thanks for sharing more "behind the scenes."

    Del Mar, CA

  4. I LOVE these! I especially love the little white bear. Soooo cute! I, too, am happy to have several of your special friends sharing life with me.

  5. Hello Lisa!

    I think this turquoise Dog was one of the first from this pattern- he's all of felt and I'm guessing the one you have is mohair and felt. I made two different patterns (for the different materials)- but honestly, each time I make something I change things up a bit. Just making a center seam (on a head or center piece for the body) changes the pattern in new ways. That keeps things interesting for me! I'm always open to having things turn out a little different-

    I do sew these pieces on my machine (a basic viking) with the standard foot- but I use very small seam allowances( like 1/4") which make those smaller limbs possible. I don't often rip out seams but I do have to go back and make larger seam allowances when they get a little too close to the edge- I eyeball it all... but a Science?! ha! never.

  6. Oh! Hello there! These are wonderful to see, Jennifer! It's like meeting with old friends again after being away for a long while. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. I love the squirrel with a backpack pincushion!! That's such a cute idea! :)
    -HappyHands @ www.mimickinggodscreaton.blogspot.com

  8. oh my goodness these are so cute i can't handle it!!

    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/