your eyes are not deceiving you...

over there... on the side bar- YES! is does say twitter and facebook. I have joined the rest of humanity- yes I know I'm a little slow, but you can now connect with me there too!

I've been planning a number of changes around here, one being with how I communicate about updates and other news. I've gotten a little lax about sending out emails to everyone each time I have something to share, instead I post the information here. In order to better connect with more of you I've decided to also share that news and more on twitter and facebook. I'll be doing away with my old email update notices and in their place I'll be posting all info here plus I'll be tweeting and posting on facebook. While I'm new to all of this I hope each "location" you find me at has a little something different to offer, be it notes about interesting things and events I've found, my usual blog posts, snippets from the day, and of course all the details about when new pieces become available.

Fear not, if you don't care much for facebook or twitter you can sign up to receive all my blog posts via email (it's over there in the side bar too)- so you won't miss a thing.


  1. Welcome to fb!! It's a wonderful way to connect. Hope you will also keep your blog here, sometimes I miss things on fb

  2. I will most certainly be keeping the blog too! this will still be the primary place I'll be posting-

  3. Good thinking! I had to get with the program a few months ago too! Now I actually enjoy Facebook and Twitter! :-)

  4. i hope you will reconsider sending an e-mail out that just announces your sale date and time with a link to your blog for more info.

    i do not do facebook or twitter nor plan on it; however, i do want to purchase from you in the future and just need an e-mail with the date and time with a link to your blog.

    thanks for your time and consideration.

    del mar, ca

  5. Just a gentle grammatical correction- it is "your eyes" not "you're eyes".

  6. thanks for the note- you're so correct Anonymous!!! sometimes I'm a little overzealous with my use of the contraction...

  7. That bird is so cute.



  8. Anonymous,

    If you publicly correct the grammar of another, be sure your grammatical point is accurate. Or better, resist the urge to correct someone's grammar.

    A case in point is your grammatical error while spotlighting our generous host. Please note that a period is placed inside a quotation or italicized phrase.

    Your "gentle grammatical correction" is incorrect: "you're eyes".

    Your "gentle grammatical correction" - from me to you: "you're eyes."