goodbye Rome and an informal list

We are headed home very soon- time is running out and this list is due so without further ado, I will miss very much:
  •  walking past the Colosseum on a regular basis
  • getting pizza bianca on the way to the park nearly every morning with Jay and Claude
  • the super fresh and beautiful food at nearly every store and every market (it's truly breath-taking and it makes grocery shopping so so much fun)
  • the 87 bus- who knew I would love the buses- but I'll miss them terribly
  • being able to walk into a new church nearly everyday and still be surprised each and every time
  • PIZZA- in all forms- everyday - yes, every-day
  • wine and cheese and olive oil and all the baked goods
  • the fountains everywhere from the simplest to the most complex- all with clean drinking water for thirsty little boys and their mothers
  • the utter and overwhelming kindness that Italians shower onto all babies and children
  • the Pantheon
  • and all the other amazing structures, sculptures, paintings, fountains and...
  • the salty sea
  • the plants and trees and flowers and the smell spring blossoms as you walk down the street
  • this time with Claude - watching him become more and more and more....... and more
  • the breadth and depth of the beauty and complexity of this city

goodbye Rome- my home away from home. (each day when we get back to the house after a long walkabout- Claude spreads his arms wide, arches his back, and yells "HOME!". I know I'm not the only one who will miss this place.)


    1. What a beautiful montage and wonderful memories. Safe travels~

    2. Such a sweet post! Such a lucky family!
      I'm sure your home back in the states will welcome you home!

    3. This post made my day, Jennifer. What wonderful memories of a home away from home. Your blog was a happy little splurge for me, feeling like an armchair traveler along with your artist-eye for quite an experience.

      Welcome back to the states!

    4. Leaving Rome must have been bitter sweet. Savour the memories...

    5. These photos are just lovely. I LOVED hearing about your stay in Rome, Jennifer. But, I have to say that I am glad you will be/are back in the States. c: I have missed your artful creations, quite a bit.