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for those wondering: dullDiamond is my side project with Emily... (I've been making a few things here and there while I've been in Rome- some of those items on sale and some aren't... but it's been fun. Finding beads at open air markets and little tiny craft shops - it's a lot different than back home- and I'm making some different things because of it. Check out our blog to see more of all of that and more and more and more...) 

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  1. Even though I don't wear much jewelry, I love it and enjoy looking at it when I go shopping. Your new creations are darling. I really like the little pottery bowls you do too. I wanted to share this new site with you www.Glosolijewelry.etsy.com. Samatha is my daughter in-law's sister and she has been making jewelry for several years and just opened up her shop recently too. I hope you enjoy browsing her site and sharing it with your friends.