the small bear...

for a still very small baby. I'm looking forward to giving this soft little bear to my friend here in Rome. She found out she was pregnant in the first week we arrived and it's been so sweet to watch her belly grow and know that this lovely person will be a mother to a very lucky child.

My mother only brought enough disks to make one bear (plus one extra set) but enough fabric for two- so I started another bear with floppy arms and legs sewn into the body for Claude. He was so excited about this bear- carrying it around and kissing it's nose (that kinda kills me- every time) so couldn't resist hand sewing another just for him. It should be done in the next few days...


  1. This little guy is precious! And what a wonderful gift it will be! It's fun to see your bears again--thanks for showing them!

  2. Oh, Jennifer...this little bear is adorable and will definitely be a perfect gift for the new baby.