beautiful pattern from Citta Del Sole-

I've been walking all over this city for the last month and a half... in the search for new adventures. We've been looking for things to walk to, quick stops we can do with Claude and Citta Del Sole is one of my favorites. I can't remember if Kindra read about it or it's one of the places I'd been meaning to get too, but in the week my sister was here we ended up visiting 3 different locations. They have beautiful toys, books, and awe inspiring objects. Kindra gave us a gift from there and it came wrapped in what might be the best wrapping paper I've ever seen. Man that's good- I would take a whole wall of that pretty please. (ohhh and the contents was pretty great too- Enzo Mari's Fable Game!)

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  1. By looking at the picture, I thought you found some new fabric. That is such a beautiful piece of paper.
    It sounds like your having a wonderful time...it is such a great experience for you and your family to be living there for awhile.
    I sure enjoy hearing about...thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.