weekend walk...

It's been quite a week- Minneapolis to New Jersey to New York to Rome... and we're now here. It's been both easier and harder than I thought- traveling across the world with a young child, not to mention for us adults. Since we'll be here for such a long time the pressure to see everything and fit it all in has been lifted and we're able to take each day as it comes, sluffing off jetlag slowly,  finding new exciting places and things, uncovering a new life here in Rome. I miss the ease of our days back in Minneapolis, but with this kind of beauty around every turn how could anyone wish themself anywhere but here- right now. I'm so grateful: sometimes very tired, a little overwhelmed but so very grateful to see how this all unfolds...


  1. It is so beautiful and it is so much fun to see your days unfold.
    Thank you for sharing. Hope you feel rested soon.

  2. So glad you're sharing this great time for your family with your blog audience. Take care and rest!

  3. Ditto! So glad you're sharing your impressions, Jennifer! It's so nice to see the trip through your eyes.