a little taste of italy...

Since so much of the immediate joy we've found here in Rome has been food related, I thought I'd share with you what we made last night for dinner since I think it would be equally as easy and delicious with the ingredients found back home...

I wish I could say this is my photo and more than that- this is what my soup turned out looking like... but that's not really the case. Given better lighting and my good camera (which I didn't have on hand) I suppose my photo could have looks just as appetizing- just different... I assure you- it was equal parts easy, remarkably yummy and made both of my boys feel a little less sick... I can't help but wonder if they'll every get over these cold/cough/nastyness.

Here is the link to Jamie Oliver's recipe. I made ours a bit differently. We didn't have any stale bread around (it's too good to go stale!) so after I pulled the cherry tomatoes out of the oven I tossed a bunch of really nice bread, cut into cubes with olive oil, salt, pepper, and grated a bit of parmesan over the top... I put those back in the oven to crisp up so they were more like croutons than part of the stock. I'm sure either way would be quite good, but I must say I like a little bite to any bread in my soup- even if they just soften up in the broth, it's nice to taste them as they go from hard to soft... Ok those are my tips- enjoy!

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