a little magic around every turn...

The last few days have been quite magical. There have been so many little surprises which seem to be accumulating into a brighter, more intense, and deeply satisfying... what? dare I say life here. hmmm- that sounds a little too bold, but I'll go so far as to say flatly: things have been good. Quite good in fact. I took a walk on Saturday which was filled at every turn with shocking beauty. Unfortunately, when I took out my camera the battery was dead so I'll have to save the details of that trip for another post- one when I traverse that path again. 

One of the most obvious joys in being here is the escape from winter in Minneapolis. Sorry to all of you back there- I heard you got dumped on again. Man, that's rough. I don't complain much about the weather when I'm there, it's part of life Something that if you can get past just enduring it, it can become enjoyable. But, no matter how you look at it, come February and March each year the winter begins to feel oppressive. Here it's so lush and green. The air is fill of humidity and ..... flower are blooming...... 

Each winter about this time of year, I buy my favorite flower from the flower shop- I never really thought it "grew" somewhere- or more specifically that it couldn't grow anywhere I would every visit, but on a walk in Trastaveri on Friday- there is was... in all it's splendor: a Yellow Mimosa tree, (I looked it up.)


  1. So great to read such happy posts!
    It gives us midwesterners hope that spring will arrive one day...soon?!

  2. the gorgeous yellow mimosa! and even better that you unexpectedly happened upon it. wowy.

    happy for your roma adventures. so fab that e will be in italia soon! have such fun!

  3. Check your blog to see the pictures off and on. Today I had to go back to old posts to find out why you are in Rome. How very exciting. Enjoy every minute of your memory maker trip.

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