I'm working on making alittle something for Thanksgiving. A couple years ago I made a turkey (he's up on my website now) and while I don't think I ever made a pattern- I had a few requests for MORETURKEYS! So- this evening I'm giving it a go. I hope to post the ones I make on Etsy in the next couple days.  Keep an eye out here for the link when they're up- I'll be posting them here when they're done- I'll only be making a few and I'll sell them first come ... via email. Stay Tuned. Gobble Gobble Gobble.


  1. Hooray I can't wait!! I love your work so much, it is amazing!! -Barbie

  2. Amazing turkey! As with anything you create - I would be honored to give Mr. Turkey a fine home! Maybe it will be my lucky day! Happy sewing and Happy Thanksgiving!