a space to work???

this is how it begins...

and this is how far we've come...

Apparently I don't know how to keep a workspace neat. Instead I work with about 2 inches of exposed table top and the rest is piled high with supplies, parts and pieces. It mounds up and up until all the pieces I'm working on for an update are finished- then it all gets picked up and ordered again. Lucky for me I always have another table that's pretty much clear so I can always move over if I need more space- but full disclosure, I usually just start a new layer of work on top of the last. Have I destroyed your image of my perfect little studio all neat and tidy?

(want to see more photos from my studio- when it's clean that is...)


  1. Your studio is wonderful -- even piled up with projects! When I was in design school, a professor did an entire lecture on messiness and creativity, and the creative brain, and how messiness provides opportunity to find associations we might not see at other times(kind of like the old "hey, you got peanut butter in my chocolate commercial" for Reeses).

  2. So what you are saying is when we see a "close up" photo of your latest project, there is a reason you don't back out and take the photo . . .

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. oh yeah. my space is never completely tidy. i have to say i like both photos but the messy one steals my heart. it shows a happy heart

  4. Oh you are so not alone. This is EXACTLY how I work too. Thanks for sharing. I don't feel so bad. Love it!!

  5. Actually you made me feel better because that is how my space looks...though I think I am down to 1 1/2". lolol
    Happy Thanksgiving Day!
    Smiles, Andra

  6. I brought you up well, din't I???

  7. LOL you are not alone, mine is worse. i agree with your mom :) we got the crafty clutter genes from our moms :)

  8. Oh, that looks great - I love creative chaotic spaces, that looks like it is in reality.

  9. When it comes to work spaces I never feel quite right when all is tidy and neat and empty. And I find it so much harder to start on something new when there isn't just something on a pile that I can pick up and work on. So I say, a happy heart makes for a messy desk.

  10. OMG Jennifer! Words cannot express how I totally GET IT! In other words, "ME TOO"! I even just last week while making my wreaths, took some pics. You of course are the brave one an posted yours.


    Love you,