hello out there! Favorite stops- any ideas?

I just had someone email me with a question I feel you all might be able to help answer...

Pam is taking a road trip across the US namely through Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and in to Connecticut. Any cool shops, restaurants etc. she should stop in?

While we're on the topic, I'm sure so many of you are traveling for the holidays... list a couple of great places you like to go in your area or while you're traveling. Leave comments if you have any gems to mention... 

My favorites here in Minneapolis:
Bryant Lake Bowl (for breakfast and maybe a game of ten pin?)
Brasa (for a large family meal out)
Punch Pizza (for quite possibly the best pizza outside of Naples)
Hunt and Gather (for fun vintage finds)
SR Harris (for fabric shopping like no other)
Ax Man (for the oddities that you didn't know you needed)
There are so many other good places but that my short list today.


  1. We're heading out to Connecticut as well for Thanksgiving, so I'll be sure to watch this list for some good stops!

    If you're coming through Chicago or the Chicago suburbs:

    Portillo's (for the best hot dogs, italian beef, chop salad and chocolate cake)
    Giordano's Pizza (deep dish pizza of course)

    There are locations of both throughout the burbs and the city, so find one on your way!

  2. You didn't mention NJ, but I am assuming she will have to go through it to get to CT!!Parcel - a fabulous vintage paper/ephemera shop full of fun stuff in Montclair, NJ

  3. I would recommend the Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum. Its a wonderful place that has the largest collection of toys and miniatures in the midwest.

  4. Indiana- Shipshewana! I'm into quilts, so I don't miss visiting Lolly's (there are 3 of them actually; a fabric store, a store that sells quilts, Lang items & etc., and a basement store that sells fabric at great bargains. The Blue Gate Restaurant is very good, and we have a family tradition of going to Jo-Jo's Pretzels whenever we're there. Oh, and don't miss A Thankful Heart for prims and just to see how it's decorated!