Black Friday... and a note on shopping.

I really like to make as many gifts as I can each Christmas. I know not everyone can or wants to attempt such things, but I'm getting up on my soap box (and I know I'm not alone) this year. There are so many amazing small businesses making beautiful objects. Please consider buying your gifts from someone in your area, shop Etsy or one of the many craft shows that pop up this time of year... You not only support an artist but you get to bask in the glow of knowing you'll be surprise your loved ones with thoughtful and unique packages-o-love. Ok, that was a pretty short rant- but I'm a busy girl today...

Looking for something for the little ones?: Hand Made Blocks are just about perfect. Look at these GORGEOUS pieces Claude's Gpa Heikes made for him out of scrap wood from his studio.  I like playing with these just as much as Claude does- they're smooth, oiled, and beyond beautiful. 

If you're not much of a woodsmith- check out these fine and ohhh-so eco-lovely blocks by Little House. Their "Beetle Blocks" are made from the blue-stained wood of ponderosa pines affected by the western pine beetle... pretty amazing.
(and if you're looking for a good read/eye candy- check out their Blog too).


  1. We love the wooden blocks to!! So much better than all the plastic toys. Etsy sure has some wonderful shops that have the best wooden toys. Elma

  2. The blocks are great! Since my husband is um employed right now I am making my three grand kids quilts. they are all differnt with one thing in common I snagged some of our son's old jeans to add to each. For the baby I added jean squares around the boarder. and now am working on quilt number two ready to quilt the top tommorrow for Jamison and add a couple of James jean pockets to it. and will make one more quilt for my grand daughter Josie. My son thier daddy will be deployed soon so I thought this way they could all have something of thier daddys to cuddle up with.
    I am loving making these gifts