no shortage....

Looking at the blog it appears not much has been happening in the studio, but there's been no shortage of action around here. I've been working diligently on preparing for my workshops at the Creative Connection (which is NEXT WEEK!) by making kits, gathering materials, prepping instructions and putting the finishing touches on the few bears and animals I'll be bringing along. I still have way too much work in front of me- but things are coming together. Last night I dyed all the yarn for a surprise project in the "Let there be Peace" workshop... We'll be making another little bird ornament and I couldn't help myself - I had to make individual yarn bundles in a variety of colors- they're beautiful- no?


  1. Love them all-but REALLY love the brown/orange.

  2. Oh my....
    How I wish wish wish I could be in your workshops! Perhaps I will get to the Handmade Market on Friday.
    Such sweetness!

  3. side note, what do you stuff your bears and animals with?

  4. Hello Nanette-
    I use mostly Excelsior (wood shavings) and occasionally organic cotton or sand. I use cotton for very small arms and legs and sand in pin cushions... The Excelsior is tricky to work with but yields notably different results than stuff with polyfil. I hope to be working on a few new patterns and kits which include info on using excelsior- I'll be sure to post about it on the blog.

  5. Ohhhhh! I am dye-ing in wait Jennifer!!! Lol

  6. I can't wait for the surprise!! See you soon.