I was just talking to my mom on the phone and we got chatting about how rarely in our little sewing businesses we actually sew. I estimate it's- uuuuuhhhh- about 5%? I'm sure from the outside everyone imagines me in my little studio- happily stitching away with bears piling up on each side, but does any one's day really look the way we imagine it? Well, today- I'm all over the 5%. It's been a few weeks, but now I'm actually making a few bears- first on the list, this little black bear and a couple of his brothers. It feels good to hunker down on this rainy gray day and quietly sew. There is something so calm and lovely about looking at the day ahead- it's going to be a good one.


  1. Enjoy!
    I can imagine it's like that!
    Especially with little baby around, and the creative conection thing and....