bunnies and balls...

Today, I'm sneaking in a little work.
Claude's not feeling so great today. He's got a little fever and is just a bit out of sorts. All I want to do is cuddle him into good health, but for both of our sake I'm working and leaving him to nap. While he's resting I've been working on these little lady bunnies.... Summer dresses for everyone!


  1. So sorry Claude is not feeling well.

    Summer colds, arrghhh . . .

    sweet babies with summer colds, ghrrr . . .

    Get well soon, Claude!

  2. Ohhhhh *sending good healthy karma to Claude*

    Ps love da Bunnies!!! I can't wait to take your class .

  3. I sent you an award :)......check it out at

  4. Thanks Teresa!

    Hmmmmm- seven things about myself....
    !) My sister is my best friend
    2) I can't go a day without a cup of coffee
    3) If I could have ever item I wear made out of denim (and not look ridiculous) I would
    4) I love pattern and fabric- and have lots of both in my life
    5) I truly and deeply love my partner and baby daddy, Jay
    6) I check my email too often
    7) I can't wait to have more children- because my son Claude has expanded my ideas of love so profoundly I'll never be the same...

    Hmmmmm- now for passing it on?! I'll have to get back on that one!

    Thanks again to teresa from http://teresakogut.blogspot.com. See you at the Creative Connection!!!!!