Rose Mille~Bloom

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Along with myself and Michelle Rose Jorgensen (the proprietor of Rose Mille), Karri Meng, Jo Packham and Cathy Mogull were all there. It's clear why I don't photograph events- once I got home I realized I only took a photo of Jo- and where was everyone else??? I need to get better at these things. Ok well... take my word for it: they're lovely, smart, dynamic ladies-
Karri was signing books and teaching, Cathy had a beautiful collection of vintage objects for sale, and Jo was there to talk about the Creative Connection, Where Women Create- and and and (is there anything she doesn't do?!)

ohhh and then there was the Shopping. Rose Mille is the amazing combination of dream thrift shop, vintage craft supply head quarters, and quirky outfitter. Not to mention the beautiful stationary and paper goods- (I'll be posting more about that soon- I found some really good stuff!)


  1. Oooh, looks like fun! Too bad I couldn't attend. Looks like I may have to take a trip out to Stillwater. Glad to hear your class went well.

  2. oh, the eye candy. i love the second shot of the window display and all those gorgeous ribbons!

  3. Wasn't it a blast? I'm still coming down. I have to wait a few days for my pictures. Love these! You are a fantastic photographer.

    Oh, and the shadowboxes you taught. . . amazing!


  4. Oh!! Everything is divine!! Especially the ribbon!