making a family-

It doesn't seem like work that could be done quickly- a family is a complex thing (teehee)... but I've been working on this one, on and off for the last week and it's coming together nicely. Hoping the family dynamic is just right- imbued with kindness and joy.


  1. Stefanie in Cape CharlesMay 17, 2010 at 10:13 PM

    Nicely matched stripes in the overalls. My mother always taught me to match my plaids and stripes when sewing. "The mark of a quality seamstress."

  2. Jennifer--
    We have two friends in common: Michelle Jorgensen (I live in Stillwater but will miss Bloom b/c I'll be out of town!) and Chrissie in uptown--your former landlord. I met Chrissie through Karen H, a mutual friend. C thinks the world of you! Love your work, love your blog.
    Zanny J