Where have the days gone?!

My ohhhh My- where has this week gone? It's been really beautiful here- 75F and sunny all week, and I've been neglecting my blog and my studio. Let's see- what have I been doing?

  • I did my taxes- hurrrrraaaahhh- so glad to have that done.
  • Went to the park with Claude and a few friends to swing (he loved it!)
  • Looked at house?! We're daydreaming of moving.
  • Fell in love with a house we can't afford- ohhhhh heartbreak.
  • Hosted a dinner party OUTSIDE with my Mom and Dad who just got in town.
  • Witnessed springs arrival in Minneapolis.
In other news- Gay from I Dreamed I Saw featured my Ceramic Rabbits in one of her collections. See them all here on her website... it's a great resource of beautiful and unusual things.

Hoping to be back in the studio workworkworking again soon- hope you all have a very good Easter Weekend!


  1. Happy Easter my friend, Andra

  2. Hello Jennifer! I have been an admirer of your work for some time, since I first saw your frozen charlottes at Patina. And was surprised to find out that my boyfriend is an old friend of yours (Ryan Seitz).

    Because I enjoy your blog, I am passing on the Sunshine Award to you!