pick a color any color-

It's been quite a long time since I posted a Special Order Bear- hmmmm the last time was December 2008? Wow- It's been a long time. So for those of you who don't know what I'm taking about, I'll be offering a Special Order where you can choose:
  • the color for your bear (from 6 beautiful hand dyed colors)
  • the design of your dress (from 8? different designs)
  • the Name for your one-of-a-kind Bear
I'll take your order and add just the right finishing touches and send her off to you in the middle of May (hopefully by Mother's Days for those who'd like to gift this little lady!). Usually I'm able to keep the offer open for a specific amount of time, but with my limited amount of time in the studio and mothers Day quickly approaching I'll only be able to take as many orders as I can fill within that time- so Once the offer is up get your order in right away!

I hope to have everything ready to start taking orders in the middle of next week- but stay tuned for more info.



  1. How do you attach the eyes with the whole thing assembled already?! Amazing!!

    (no need to divulge if it's a trade secret... I just find it neat you do it that way)

  2. Love the Orange and red ones!!! So cool that there are so many choices!

  3. The first picture: was that taken at a school for blind cubs?