Daydreaming of Spring and Taking Action...

It's hard to admit that spring is still a few months away, but I've begun to take action. Saturday I spent the day cleaning my house- it may not be all that "picked up" but it's clean- like Mmmmm Ohhhh. That clean. As a little gift to myself (as if a clean house isn't enough of a gift) I bought this brightbeautiful blanket. I just put it into the washer and took it out to the line- My neighbors look at me like I'm crazy when I hang our laundry outside at 10below, but since it's nearly 40F today I feel like anyone using their dryer is just plain mad. It may take a little longer but catching the sunshine in your blankets to bring inside is worth the effort. When I close my eyes tonight I might just fall asleep believing the windows have been thrown open and we've made it- Spring has arrive in all her glory...


  1. Beautiful photo! It looks so pretty and incongruous. That's such a cute quilt - I love yellow and gray together.

  2. What a beautiful and incongruous photo - I love it. That's a pretty quilt, yellow and gray are perfect for anticipating spring :)

  3. Hello

    What a beautiful blog! I have just come across you xx
    Love your bears xx
    sam (uk) xx

  4. I allways hang out my wash all year long:) When you hang out you bedsheets in the winter oh my itsmells sooooo wonderful when you crawl into bed:) My poor mailman thought all these years that I didn't have a dryer:) I do but I rather use the wash line and with eight kids I have wash out every day:) elma elma2179@yahoo.com