color studies

As I've made abundantly clear at this point- I'm kinda obsessive about making quilts. I haven't really finished all that many, but it's the thing I think about making whenever I have a moment to daydream. This morning while looking at Hop Skip Jump, Fiona mentioned these outrageously beautiful quilt color studies. One of my many quilt plans had been to hand dye a whole bunch of fabric and make something really similar. Now that I've seen it done and done so well, I'm really hooked on the idea. Who needs to sleep right?! Who am I kidding, sleep is one of the last things to go. Let's be honest- who needs to make it to the gym this week?!


  1. Why not make smaller "play quilts" for Claude?
    Seems like it might not take as much time as a full/queen quilt.
    (Spoken like I know what I'm talking about when I think it's a lot of work just to sew buttons back on shirts.)
    I do however make to to the gym 5 days a week-of course my child is 21! No sitter required!

  2. i just want a good coloring page