day dreams of mischievous dogs

Jay and I lost our old dog Jessie this summer. I haven't written about Jessie for these last 7 months because missing her was so overwhelming I didn't think I could do it in "public"... ohhh I miss that dog. While we most certainly have our hands full with Claude and I don't think I'll be looking seriously anytime soon, I sure do like to flirt with the idea of having another dog in my life...
While at my sisters house this summer I noticed this super sweet book- so glad she posted it on her blog. Ohhhh those mischievous mongrels make me crazy happy (and so does this beautiful book).


  1. So sorry that you lost Jessie! I was wondering why I didn't see any pictures of her for awhile.
    Dogs and kids are the best and someday you will be blessed by another 4 footed friend. Claude will love a dog too when he is older. A boy and his dog are always looking for adventures!

  2. Jennifer,

    Sorry to hear about Jessie. I know how difficult it is to lose a pet. We are so lucky to have them in our lives, even for a short time.


  3. Sorry about your furry family member. I know how all consuming that loss can be. x

  4. So sorry for the loss of such a good friend. I'm so sorry.

    Such a cute book you shared here.

  5. Remember, all doggies go to heaven; so sorry for your loss. Mine is getting up there too and I'm so not ready for it.