coming together-

Every one's gathered together to get
their photos taken for the Update:

Preparing for an update is a lengthy process.
Obviously, there's the time spent making all the pieces - but once that's finished the actually website prep begins. I'm in the thick of it now- so here's an outline of what my day will entail:
  • Shoot each animal on a white fabric sweep (love my new camera: Nikon D5000)
  • Remove the background in Photoshop (I use a variety of tools to highlight and delete the background area)
  • Hand write all the descriptions
  • Scan and copy handwriting into each Photoshop file
  • Program the new web pages (I write my own HTML in BBEdit)
  • load all the new files onto the server (I use Transmit)
PRESTO! Instant Website Update- well it may not be instant but I'm happy to take the extra time to make everything look just so. Details- for me it's all about the details. Okay, now back to work.

(side note: I know I know - I've been giving you all a lot of sneak peaks of the pieces I'll be posting tomorrow- but rest assured, I'm not pre-selling anything.)


  1. The clock is counting down...it won't be too long until the excitement begins. Looking forward to the update

  2. All of your time is well worth the efforts. Your website is a very fun place to visit. It showcases your work perfectly.

  3. I like your writing style. Nice blog.