today in the studio...

Hope you all are keeping warm- it's still brutally cold here. I hunkered down today and stayed indoors. Listening to the wind and watching the new light snow blow around the yard made be very happy to be here next to the fire...
I spent the day sketching out a few pieces I have in store for my Valentines Day Website Update... I have SO much work to do before now and then, but I'm still in the process of hashing out what I'll be making, how much I can get done, and deciding when the big day will be. Looking forward to sharing images as things take shape.
Okay, back to work....


  1. Oh Jennifer, I love your little sketches. They are all so adorable. The little kitty on the cushion is pulling at my heartstrings. I hope to add a kitty cushion to my collection someday, so I look forward to your update.
    Enjoy the warmth of your studio and have fun creating.

  2. I love these little sketches, just as they are now.

  3. I smile everytime I visit here!