thinking of love

I've been thinking a lot about love and commitment of late- which makes since... I've been working on Valentine's Day Pieces (for a big update) and for the last few days I've been making on a wedding cake topper that's a bit overdue. Working on a cake toppers is such an enjoyable process- the delicacy of the materials, the scale, not to mention the joy in making a pair of lovers to commemorate the couple's wedding day. The significance is not lost on me, but that's part of the reason they take so much time- I keep tweaking the piece until I feel I have it just right. I have to love it enough to put it atop my wedding cake- Hmmmmm- Maybe this is all just practice?

I've never been married though Jay and I have been together for 12+ years and I occasionally call him my husband (it's a good shorthand for what our commitment looks like). We've never found the right time to put it all together. Funny, for someone who loves weddings as much as I do, you'd think I'd have tied the knot right when he asked some 11 years ago. But, I'm also a perfectionist who loves to throw a party- and those two characteristics whip up into a perfect storm which compels me to spend obscene amounts of time planning. I spent weeks just getting my sisters baby shower in order and I can only imagine the complete life-take-over that would occur if I began planning my own wedding. So, for the sake of keeping my studio a productive space where work gets done and little-bits-of-cute get sent out into the world- I won't be taking any more custom Cake Toppers orders (though I hope to work on a few every now and then for the Esty Shop) and needless to say- there won't be any big wedding plans either. Someday when the time is right we'll tie that knot and make this whole thing official- but until then I'll just have to officially love that man-o-mine and call that good enough.


  1. I'm so glad you shared that bit about your personal life. I'm not a dogmatic religious/moralist, nor anyone you know in life, but please allow me to share with you...

    DO IT!! You won't believe the peace and inner joy of coming together as man and wife! Beyond the ritual, beyond societal meaning, beyond anything, there can be a communion between you not possible in other ways. And having your adorable baby together is all the more good reason to commit to each other to raise him in love. "This is the place you'll put your love."

    It's an amazing experience of profound meaning.

  2. Well, congratulations on your 12+ years together. It's wonderful the commitment that you and Jay have and the family you've become.
    The caketoppers are adorable. I too, love the detail and delicacy of such beautiful pieces. They are so special and will be wonderful keepsakes for the couples to enjoy forever.

  3. I agree with Shelley. It's unfortunate that in today's society a wedding band doesn't necessarily represent the unbreakable bond that it should; but when little Claude is old enough to understand, it will give meaning and permanence to him to see his mom and dad as "real" husband and wife and not just using the term as an endearment. It will give Claude the message that your commitment to each other is the real thing. Go for it. Don't worry about all the details. Saying "I do" can be just as meaningful with a handful of people as with a church full.

  4. Ohhh...I'm so sad that you're not doing custom toppers anymore! Well...that's ok, I'll have to snatch up one of your "pre-made" pieces when my honey and I are ready to tie the knot...each one is so precious!
    And I know how you feel about not wanting to start that whole wedding planning process. I would probably be married by now myself (it hasn't been 12 years yet, only almost 6), but I really want to create a fabulous and memorable wedding...but who has the time?! Well...whenever it happens for you, I hope you'll share some tidbits of photos here for us to see...I know it will be creative and magical! :)

  5. if I had to do it again, I'm not sure I would get married--not because I have had doubts or because he is not the right man, but because when it's the right person, you don't have to marry them. and I didn't have to marry dave. but we did and that's cool. :)

    I agree with you and I think it's cool and admirable that you are living your best life.

  6. Those little birds are absolutely adorable. LOVE them.