Together we'll extend the Joy of Giving...

We all have so much to be grateful for.
..in the..
long list.
.life here.
With all this bounty it seems to me:

Let me introduce
This beautiful old worn bear is 11.5" tall.
I made this pattern especially for this offer (and I've ripped it up) which means he'll be the only bear like this I'll ever make!

Hand Dyed muted red Mohair and 100% wool Felt
Fully (very loosely) Jointed (so loosely his head bobbles!)
Stuffed with Excelsior

Vintage Shoe Button Eyes
Hand dyed Vintage Ribbon

Aged and Very Worn.

He comes with a little pin sign:
and I'll happily make Two More Signs with the words of your choice!

My hope is this Gift will be in addition to your annual giving-
extending what you had planned to donate this year!
You write a check to the charity of your choice* and mail it to me
and I'll mail your check off to the proper organization
You can send the funds directly to the Non-Profit electronically**
*(within reason- please email me if you're unsure your choice is appropriate)
**(You'll have to send proof of this transaction.)

I'll send Old Will to you.

I'll be paying for all the Ebay and Shipping fees.
You get the tax deduction.

Together we get to extend the joy of giving.



  1. Well done, Jennifer. What a gracefully marvelous contribution to life you are!

  2. Jennifer, you have really outdone yourself with all of these pieces. They are awesome!
    Glad tidings of joy to you!!!

  3. What a lovely idea, Jennifer.

    I've been watching these bids go higher and higher. Well done!