On the ninth day of December
This piece is 11" tall and 7" long...

The Pigs are Hand Dyed Mohair and 100% Wool Felt with Glass and Onyx Eyes and Stuffed with Excelsior.
Each of the Pigs is lightly Spotted (hand dyed).

Glass Glitter Star and Paper Sign reading "Merry Christmas" are "tied" on with a vintage bow holding the Star high...
Vintage Wreath.

This piece is a "Soft Sculpture" which means although all the pieces are sew in place and are very stable- it is fabric so it's slightly mobile.The large mohair pig's legs easily hold everyone up but they may need a little positioning to stand fully on all fours.

One of A Kind - Hand Made by Jennifer Murphy - 2009

If you'd like more photos or would like to bid on this piece,
he is for sale on a 5 day auction through Ebay.


  1. Oh Em GEE! Killing me here. Are they getting cuter every day? I can't decide what to bid on 'cause surely you'll just list an even BETTER one (if that's possible) tomorrow!

  2. Oh my gosh, the family of pigs are adorable. I really like the mohair on the large one. He looks like he's been rolling around in the mud.

  3. oh you are just wayyyyy too clever and talented for words. that is really cute!
    have a good night

  4. they are just BEAUTIFUL!! Really just amazing!