Very thankful indead.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here... it was my first time making dinner without my mom at the helm- and it went really well if I do say so myself. We were surrounded by loved ones and good food. mmmmmm. I think Thanksgiving may be the perfect holiday.
Hope you all had a very good one!
(I made this turkey last year- he's the one and only- but I hope to make more next year... I'm quite smitten with him)


  1. Oh Jennifer Murphy, you are adorable.

  2. I'm so glad your Thanksgiving dinner went to so well. The first one is always a learning experience and gets easier each year. Having your son this year makes it so special too. We had our dinner tonight with our daughter and her family. Our grandson was quite the little charmer. He's getting so big and recognizing his grandma and grandpa now.
    I remember this turkey from last year. He is adorable.

  3. it's so cute, I love the retro look

  4. Congratulations, Miss Jennifer! And with your new baby to care for as well! And continuing your creative work! Outrageously accomplished, seriously!

  5. This Tom Turkey is a winner! I love his layered felt tail - it reminds me of a hooked rug or a penney rug. Yes, make more next year.
    Happiest of Christmas to you. How fun it will be to see it all through a child's eyes over the years to come.