It's supposed to snow here tonight and tomorrow? Ohhhhh, how sad.


  1. Don't be sad. You live in Minna"snow"ta
    Hoping the new snow sends new inspiration for new critters

  2. It would be really nice to have cool (or cold) weather that resembles AUTUMN. Here in southside Virginia, mid 80s is way too warm for this transplanted northern girl. Snow would be a welcome treat! Make some snowmen with Claude and have fun!

  3. It does seem awfully early for snow, but then I don't live in Minna"snow"ta. Central Oregon received snow this past week too. You and Claude may have to cuddle up in a nice warm quilt tonight.
    We are having a beautiful fall here in Washington. The air is cool in the mornings/evenings, but the days are warm and sunny. I love this time of year.

  4. Oh dear.. Im sorry! I dread the snow. I hope we get at least another month with out it!
    We're supposed to have a nice fall weekend here this weekend. I really have to go get some pumpkins!
    have fun!