Ohhh ,thank goodness it's warm in here...
The fireplace is right next to my computer, where I sit typing this and preparing the website for Wednesdays update... but it's really snowing outside. For the last few nights it's been snowing and while I've been up with Claude in the middle of the night everything has been thick and covered in the blue light, but by daybreak it's all melted- not today. It's rare to see sights like this- the snow clinging to leaves. As of three days ago we still hadn't had a frost... but this year it's all coming at once. No slow ascent into winter I guess we're just diving in.


  1. Isn't nature grand that way? It just forces you to succumb and find the beauty in it. I guess when life hands you snow, make hot tea and watch it fall. ;)

  2. Sounds like heaven to me!!!! Dont you just love your woodstove...that is all we heat with and I LOVE it! We are suppose to have a couple of inches of snow tonight....I'm hoping we get it :)

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Does Claude have his little snowsuit so you all can play in the snow!
    Great pic of the snow on the leaves. this all makes me want to go make a cup of cocoa